EP68 – Caleb Hanks – The Clerk / The Nova Echo – Part 1 – Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week on the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast, Sean is sitting down in the Virtual Smithsonian 2.0 for a two-part conversation with Asheville, NC artist and musician Caleb Hanks. The dynamic duo sit down to talk about Caleb’s new graphic novel “The Clerk”, his new album “Xander Vi1”, how he spent the last six years, overcoming depression and alcoholism, becoming a graphic designer for Tom DeLonge of Blink 182, aliens, Star Wars, Blade Runner, dating in the 21st century, cartoon boobs, bluegrass music, playing Pac Man using only your brain, and how if you want something – you have to start doing it immediately. Later in the show, we check out “Osia (Separation Games)” off his new album. Jack in, punch deck, and get wild – it’s the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast!

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